In the UK utilities industry, increasing commoditisation of utilities is pushing British Gas – UK’s largest energy provider – to strengthen their business by evolving into a home services provider. In addition to services offered, they’ve identified that customer satisfaction is paramount to their future success in service adoption and retention. Their goal is to enhance overall customer experience via optimised, seamless and satisfying customer journeys.


British Gas chose to integrate Quadient® Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) to extend the power of Quadient’s omnichannel communication platform, Quadient Inspire. With CJM, British Gas creates and views in-depth, holistic customer journey maps, gaining insight into customer satisfaction at each touch point and mitigating pain points in real time. The result is a versatile, personalised and consistent business process that improves customer satisfaction.


  • Holistic view of journey maps from onboarding to booking essential repairs and changing product holdings
  • Quick identification of pain points and mitigation via automated feedback
  • Consolidation of multiple templates 
  • Improved customer satisfaction via rapid creation of new communications 
  • Improved cross-selling and up-selling 

"The utilities industry is going through a transformative period. We’re not only seeing an ongoing shift away from fossil fuels towards renewables, but a greater consumer awareness of that fact. As utilities themselves become highly commoditised, providers need to focus on the additional services we can offer customers, and how to provide the best possible customer experience at all times across all of our offerings. We knew that understanding customers’ journeys and the pain points they face, and addressing those directly, would be essential to giving our customers the proactive and personalised experience they expect and deserve, and ensuring their entire journey with British Gas is stress-free.”

- Adam Firbank, Journey Practice Lead Customer Communications, British Gas


British Gas Customer Experience