Each month members are invited to join an online networking forum to discuss, debate and review best practice. 

Transitioning customers to digital self-service
As more organisations embark on a digital first journey, there is a growing requirement to engage and inform customers on the options available which will help achieve speedier resolutions to various queries or services. Providing customers with appropriate support can be a challenge. How do we ensure colleagues have the confidence and skills to support digital engagement?

As part of this session will will discuss the following questions:- 

  • What approaches are being taken across the network to transition customers to self-serve via digital platforms? 
  • What successes and/or challenges are being experienced? 
  • How can we effectively measure digital adoption for self-service? 
  • How does digital self-service influence or impact the call mix? 
  • How does digital self-service influence or impact CX results? 

If you would like to contribute to this agenda please get in touch.