This was the focus of discussion for the latest Women in Enterprise round-table hosted in Edinburgh on 13 March 2019 in partnership with Platinum Partner, Plantronics, now known as Poly.

Many senior business leaders are examining changing customer and employee expectations with a view to understanding how to personally manage these challenges. For most, Brexit was felt to be more of a distraction, taking up air space whilst the focus and energy should be elsewhere. The impact being clearly felt in all areas.

The impact of changing legislation
Practical questions from customers on issues such as currency and exchange rates, mobile phone tariffs when travelling outside of the UK to issues around immigration and potential political unrest are becoming more pressing as the uncertainty continues. Whilst for most organisations, it is business as usual and there is no intention to change products and services currently available to customers, the impact of changing legislation may alter that.

The consequence of EU regulation no longer being applicable in the UK has to be considered and businesses need to be ready to make those changes and answer those customer enquiries, building a bank of ready responses to reassure and guide those concerned.

Re-writing documents and contracts (both for the customer and the employee) has the potential to be a lengthy, costly and challenging process to navigate through as changes to regulation are rolled out. Implementing new training to keep colleagues up-to-date and informed about the impact will have significant cost implications for all organisations regardless of sector therefore any risk and continency plans require clear leadership.

The need for clear leadership and guidance
Those customers that are being served by centres outside of the UK are also challenged with keeping colleagues up-to-date as they need to be able to answer questions related to Brexit even though we may not have the answers or guidance to give them or even a basic understanding of the latest politics and issues being discussed.

It is essential to provide clear leadership and guidance on the real and potential questions coming from customers.

Most consumers want a Brexit that protects and enhances their rights and gives them access to a wider range of high-quality, affordable goods and services.

Business leaders need to keep their eye on the economic ball – is Brexit just too much of a distraction?


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In February 2019, CCA carried out a quick poll asking organisations to share their opinions and outlooks on Brexit. Here is what you told us: 

  • When asked to make a prediction on how the UK will leave the EU it was an even split - 40% predicting the UK will leave WITHOUT a deal; 40% predicting the UK will leave WITH a deal
  • Approx. 57% or organisations are spending additional funds to safeguard the organisation in the event of a no-deal Brexit with contingency planning in place for some in the event of a no-deal scenario
  • 35% of respondents reported their customers are seeking reassurance that the products/services provided to them will not be impacted by Brexit 
  • Almost 70% of respondents reported staff members have been asking business leaders about Brexit - in particular what it will mean for the organisation and also what are the indivdiual views of the organisation's leaders