CCA Convention 2020

Organised and curated by the CCA executive team, the CCA Convention 2020 programme is made up of two annual events – CCA Summer Convention (now in it's third year), and CCA Annual Convention (now in it's 26th year). Both conferences bring together hundreds of senior executives and customer experience experts from a wide-range of industries and sectors.

Everyone comes to learn from and be inspired by the shared wisdom and expertise presented by some of the world's leading brands.

Offering a unique blend of insight, inspiration and expertise, CCA Convention Programme focuses on the issues most relevant to you as a customer service champion, stimulating new thinking and inspiring action

Summer 2020

An event for industry. Now is our time.

No event is as influential as one led by the intelligence of the hundreds of organisations that form the CCA network. Now is our time as a collective force to transform and revolutionise our industry.
A global pandemic transformed our world overnight as organisations mobilised thousands of employees to work from home, fast-tracked IT and technology deployments in days and weeks instead of years, and built itself around the customer operations team as the realisation dawned on the value of connecting with customers.

CCA has been at the heart of supporting customer service for almost 25 years. 

In that time the knowledge, capability and reach of our network has influenced change and improvement beyond recognition. However, in just 12 short weeks our learning and understanding of what’s important in customer service has accelerated at an unrecognisable pace.

In this event for industry, we want everyone to share, learn and succeed as we enter a truly new era of customer service. We will bring the latest strategies, concepts and thinking from leading brands, industry practitioners and renowned experts across a week of presentations, debates and interactive, online events to work towards service beyond the pandemic.

Unlimited access to CCA Summer Convention is available for all CCA members.
No supplier organisations are permitted access unless they are an event partner. This includes BPO organisations not part of the CCA network.

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Convention Speakers

Dr Liberty Vittert

Data science is an emerging discipline that draws upon knowledge in statistical methodology and computer science to create impactful predictions and insights for a wide range of fields.

Liberty, a visiting professor at Harvard University, will join us to explore how we can redefine what success means in a new era of customer service.

Shelley Kerr, MBE

Michelle Kerr MBE is a Scottish football manager and former player and currently manager of the Scotland women's team.

Her focus and expertise is about getting the best out of a team and the importance of leadership. Shelley consistently beats down barriers placed in her way resulting in a drive that’s taken her to the top of her game.

Richard Chataway, Vice President, BVA Nudge Unit

Richard is author of 'The Behaviour Business: How to Apply Behavioural Science for Business Success', published in February 2020.

Richard will discuss building behavioural frameworks and skill sets to better understand consumer behaviour and decision making, applying behavioural design to drive behavioural change.

Ben Page, Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI

Ben Page is Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI. A frequent writer and speaker on trends, leadership and performance management, he has directed thousands of surveys examining consumer trends and citizen behaviour.

Ben will take us on a whistle stop tour of trends and predictions including Covid-19, the UK economy and more.

Mark Gait, Director of Customer Service at O2 (Telefónica) UK

Our world of work has changed. The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of homeworking strategies, previously considered too challenging for many organisations. As we enter this next phase, the focus is returning to efficiencies, service improvements and providing great customer experiences.

Mark will explore ‘The future of work’ as we begin to investigate the options of new operating models as we come out of the crisis and build our offering for the future.

Ross Vincent, Head of Workplace Pensions & Jade McKenzie, Vulnerability Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Ross leads a team of 300 colleagues who support customers in planning for their retirement. He will explore some of the successes and challenges experienced as a result of the pandemic and how these have impacted colleagues in the business. Jade will share some of her experiences dealing with vulnerability on the front line and the work she is doing to help customers move towards digital.

Andy Mends, Director of Operations, GAVI Alliance

Gavi is committed to equitable immunisation coverage and global health security in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The UK-hosted Global Vaccine Summit on June 4th heralded a new era of global health collaboration as world leaders showed overwhelming support for Gavi in raising $8.8billion.

Ros Taylor, CEO, RTC Leadership & Coaching

Ros Taylor is by background a chartered psychologist and has used that rigor of academic thinking to become an international business coach, trainer and conference presenter who has worked with many leading world brands and their top teams.

Ros will talk about Pandemic Positives – What can we take from the recent disruption and panic caused by Covid-19 that will prepare us for future challenges?

Industry Debates

Digital Transformation:
Reset, restart, reinvent
The ‘next normal’ - new operating models transforming CX
The Future of Work

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Annual 2020

CCA Annual Convention brings together some of industry's biggest thinkers to collaborate and share their thoughts on the future of customer service. Information on the 2020 programme will be posted soon.
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