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How to lead through a Recession

Since 1900, the UK has seen 9 recessions while US has waded through 23. Since the end of World War II, there have been 4 global recessions. And we're currently in the middle of another drastic economic downturn. If there was ever a need for good leadershi

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The Challenges and Benefits of AI in Outsourcing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the outsourcing landscape by enabling companies to automate and streamline their processes, making it easier to manage and optimize outsourced tasks. As AI technologies continue to advance, many businesses are

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Noon Dalton

Established in 2009, Noon Dalton is a Global Business Services provider, offering customer experience (CX) and back-office support. We create customized, tech-enabled teams that deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. Our focus is on finding the right people in the right place, building the right process for you. The result is High Quality, Low Cost, High Impact.

As a company, we strive for social sustainability with our global talent pool, and through Impact Sourcing, respect our people, and support their families, their communities, and the planet. Our clients engage us to build custom teams to help meet their growth targets, with leading-edge technology and the best talent for the best possible price. Creating industry-leading resources that are accessible by everyone.

Our sales regions are in the US, the UK, and the DACH market, with a focus on Germany. We have people on the ground in all locations that are always happy to have a chat and they take complete responsibility for the service delivery. Our operational regions are in the Philippines, India, Kosovo, and South Africa.

We are a true multi-faceted business services provider. We don’t only offer one aspect of outsourcing, we deliver a full-suit of front-office and back-office support services - including customer service; sales and marketing; Finance and Accounting; IT and Tech Support; and RPO.

We care a lot about impact sourcing and the importance of the global consequences of outsourcing. This is because we truly care about our people, their communities, and the planet.



Sarah Birch 

Commercial Director 



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