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The Essential Guide to Auto-QA

In this guide, we will focus on the potential benefits, challenges and opportunities for using Conversation Analytics to automate your existing quality assurance processes.

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For over 10 years, EvaluAgent have been helping contact centres across the globe to dramatically improve their Quality Assurance capabilities through their award-winning AI-powered Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement platform.

EvaluAgent was founded in 2012 by Jaime Scott, Michelle Dinsmore and Alex Richards. They were developing systems and processes for their global client base and their success gave them the confidence to start EvaluAgent and share those successes with a wider range of customers.

The founders have lived and breathed contact centre excellence their whole careers. With a focus on QA, many well-known brands such as ATOS, JET2, Vitality Insurance and Music Magpie have benefitted significantly from their solutions.

For EvaluAgent, their customers always come first. With a commitment to continuous development of their people, platform, and services, they’re focused on remaining the leading provider of Quality Management and Performance Improvement solutions for contact centres.


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