Each month members are invited to join an online networking forum to discuss, debate and review best practice. 

Topic: Accessibility and vulnerability - How do we best support our customers?
Making services accessible to customers and supporting them through any vulnerability they may have has always been important but expectations from customers, organisations, industry bodies and regulators has made this even more so in recent times.  The move to working from home has highlighted this further.

Accessibility and vulnerability are two different topics, but often there is a healthy overlap.

What services do we offer customers today?  Do we think there are any gaps or processes that we make hard for those requiring different access?  What does a ‘best in class’ service look like?

We all know what this word means, but it covers such a broad range of circumstances.  Do you have ‘vulnerability’ defined?  Do you have processes that take this into account once you have identified someone as vulnerable? 

At this session we will discuss these two areas and see where we think we are, what ‘great’ would look like and what it would take to achieve that?

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