​As a senior business leader, you are challenged with cost reduction, navigating and simplifying complicated customer journeys, and in many ways turning traditional business models on their heads. How best should you lead the charge on service, CX, and digital and people transformation?

This new research programme will help guide us to make the right decisions for future service and CX propositions. Discussions will include:

  • The displacement of work 
  • The needs and capabilities of the future generation 
  • The changing perception of service 
  • Balancing opportunity and growth with risk and uncertainty 
  • The future of self-serve 
  • Collaborative leadership 

Session 1: A matter of perspective: Shifting customer expectations

Do you think customer service be fully automated in the future?
Will customers have the ‘illusion’ of choice when ultimately it'll be driven by business need?
What will drive personalised service?
Where does the experience economy sit when services and products are digital?
Will customers take a stance to keep service ‘human’ or will big tech override?
How will we maintain customer loyalty?

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