Complaints are an integral part of any industry. They serve as valuable feedback, providing insights into areas that may need improvement and help us raise the bar for customer satisfaction. We invite input to support a discussion to help identify common challenges, gain insights and explore potential new solutions.

In this session we will discuss:-

  • What types of complaints are most common? Are there recurring themes or issues?
  • How are complaints currently handled – are there variations across organisations and what are the commonalities?
  • How are organisations leveraging complaint data to improve operations and customer experience?
  • What insights can be shared that highlight effective complaint resolution?
  • Who is using what technology (e.g. AI, chatbots, CRM systems) to streamline complaint processes? What has the biggest impact?
  • What strategies are used during complaint resolution – are there ways to enhance transparency and empathy?
  • How can we turn complaint resolution as a customer experience enhancer?

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