THIS WEEK WE'LL BE DISCUSSING: Absence Management plus UPDATE on Shift bidding/preference process

Many in the CCA network are experiencing increased absence rates and many of the reasons vary from short-term illness, wellbeing and mental health, along with long-term illness.

In this session we’ll be discussing:

  • What typical absence rates are being experienced? Does this differ across different sectors?
  • Is this a ‘new normal’ that we need to consider for shrinkage/planning?
  • How are businesses approaching long-term cases?
  • Who is responsible for absence management?

UPDATE: We’ll also be revisiting the shift flexibility topic from a few weeks ago and NHS Business Services will be sharing how they manage their ‘shift preference’ programme.

These sessions are highly interactive so please come prepared to actively share and participate in the discussion. 

CCA Coffee Club sessions are simply an informal chat over a cup of coffee exclusively for a Platinum and accredited members. We very much look forward to seeing you there with your coffee, tea or other refreshment of your choice.

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