On Thursday evening we again saluted the efforts of NHS workers, carers and all those who put themselves at risk to ensure the majority of us can function in this strange new world.

This morning we held one of many weekly calls for the CCA network - this one for our Visionary group who now get together every Friday.  Participants are assured of an honest and authentic review of fast-moving events and exchange valuable nuggets about delivering essential customer service in a blended landscape of home working and social distancing.

One of the messages coming from hundreds of organisations in public and private sectors alike is how the stock of the contact centre has risen to a new high. ‘We are all learning from you and are all here to share the load; everyone’s role is now firmly in operations helping to serve customers.’ is one CEO quote.

The Herculean effort in shifting tens of thousands of frontline staff to homeworking, with access to systems previously guarded behind locked doors must not be underestimated. The cultural and communication shift achieved in days rather than normal months of planning has been astounding.

And of course, the effort put in by CX managers and leaders to ensure the wellbeing of their teams has been exemplary.

There will be many more challenges to come, and the critical question of ‘Which parts of the new normal will prevail?’ are hot topics for our network.

For now though I think a huge round of applause is due. Take a deep breath and let’s work through the next few weeks together with a renewed sense of what true purpose is.

Have a good weekend everyone, 
Anne Marie