This week has seen energy companies confused as PM David Cameron announced plans to introduce an Energy Bill to ensure customers get the lowest tariffs available. While this plan will be welcomed by millions of consumers; energy companies are left wondering what exactly the government’s position is on this.

Energy prices have long been an area of contention for consumers over the years, evidenced by the number and frequency of complaints cases highlighted in the press. While energy companies have tried to make billing more transparent and simpler for customers, particularly with the introduction of smart metering, perhaps the PM feels more can be done to help combat the fuel poverty and poor service that many still face.

With the big six employing tens of thousands of front-line staff, measures should be in place to make sure staff are able to deal with what can often be, very emotive and complex customer enquiries. Advisors are faced with difficult calls daily from customers scrutinising their energy bills and more often, their tariffs, with so many competitive offers available. It’s a tough time for staff who strive to achieve targets and retain customers, notwithstanding the latest price increases announced by energy providers.

In these times, are front-line staff empowered to make decisions, which customers may not be prepared to hang around and wait for an answer on, to keep the customer happy? We believe that it is critical for companies to step up to the challenge and prove to both customers and staff that they are at the core of the companies’ heart and to reciprocate their loyalty. Many companies nowadays are turning to CCA Global Standard© to do just that.

CCA Global Standard© is a robust framework established, used and continuously reviewed by contact centre operators themselves. With 300+ centres working to version 5, they have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring they have all the necessary processes and practices in place to truly listen to the voice of the customer. This closed loop process ensures the whole company is mindful of what impact their processes, campaigns, technologies etc can have on the customer experience delivery, resulting in a truly interactive, joined up company with the same end view..... the customer is king!