With the pace of change in relation to today's customers, new technologies and business planning, is it possible to predict with any sort of certainty what our businesses may look like in 5-10 years time?

Over the past 8 months we have been working closely with our Industry Council to understand what the future might hold for our people, our customers, and our businesses overall.  Through a series of consumer polls, interviews with leading figure-heads and opinion and comment from within the CCA membership, we are best placed to produce a plausible description of what might happen and provide some inspiration on how to manage some of the uncertainty we face today. 

I am really looking forward to meeting with Industry Council again in September where we will begin to shape some future scenarios which will be used to inform CCA Convention 2012 attendees of this work.  We will invite comment and input from the audience and this interactive session will really help us to shape and conclude this exciting piece of work.  Be sure to contact the team at CCA if you would like to know more.