In London this week – my first visit since the Olympics has started.  What an amazing atmosphere! The games have really touched hearts and minds – particularly with Team GB winning so many medals!

Got the chance to see the women’s open air swimming first-hand and was delighted to attend Kcom’s Customer Advisory Board hosted at Cisco House at the Olympic Village – a really engaging and interesting session with lots of views from leading businesses in our sector.  Planning to see the men’s handball semi-final later today and very much looking forward to it.

What an inspiration these games have been to our nation and I’m sure we’ll be equally inspired with the Paralympics Games once they begin next week.  The dedication and commitment to success that all the athletes have shown offers a true lesson for our own sector in that there are no quick fixes, no short-cuts to take – just the benefits from hard work, focus and perseverance to succeed.  With that comes reward.  And, for us, that hopefully means better customer engagement, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately improved business performance. 

Here’s to maintaining the momentum of enthusiasm and optimism from these games to ensure we all thrive in the years that follow.