Hugging no more
Touching no more 
Freedom no more
But our smiles cross the miles

How long will this endure 
An end surely in sight 
Pray with all our might
Do you know when?
Do they know?
Does anyone know?

Isolation is far reaching 
Quickly teaching 
Creative ways of coping 
Will the norm ever return?

A scary wee beast 
Simple, sly and deadly 
North, south, east or west 
It goes where it’s best 
To replicate and survive
Not a care about our lives

Our kindness abounds 
Our care beyond doubt 
And surely will endure 
When we are back out 

The time will come 
Not a day too soon 
When we can look back
Remember then?
For now, we must hope
For a cure to this pain 
And take comfort 
In staying in close to kin

A brave new world awaits 
When, we are not sure 
As ever - to be human, is to endure 

Author: Anne Marie Forsyth © 2020