Dear Santa

As 2018 draws to a close, it's been a tough one for many. There’s so much we could ask for but we don’t want to be greedy so we’ve tried to stick to the essentials.

  • A sprinkling of fairy dust to shine some light on Brexit
  • A halo of clever customer stats to show how good we really are
  • Some magic calm space every day to let colleagues recharge their empathy power
  • A big, magic crystal ball to predict who is knocking at the door and which digital channel they used to get there
  • A sprinkling of magic memory power dust on customers to help them remember pins and passwords
  • A magic time-wand to find some precious hours to plan ahead for 2019

And if there's any purchase left a big loud cheer for everybody who will be working hard on Christmas Day in emergency services and other organisations working hard to ensure that we all have a happy healthy Christmas!

Thanks Santa