We are attuned to things going wrong in many aspects of life these days, and so it was a special delight to gather with friends and celebrate the achievements of true heroes from industry at our glittering CCA awards ball in Glasgow last night.

Rory Bremner entertained 630 professionals with with his inimitable mimicking; Trump of course and many more, dispelling the fear that politics real has become more of a drama than comedy itself. 

The evening kicked off with the special CCA Director of the year award, this year awarded to Jo Mayer from The Co-operative bank, who has demonstrated her passion to make the lives of the banks’ customers easier by ensuring that services are designed to meet their needs, paying special attention to those with vulnerability. And of course this passion extends naturally to her own teams at the bank, ensuring that their wellbeing and development is considered in equal measures.

This year’s 30 judges, who are all experienced practitioners,  acting as a peer review team, reported that the 2018 bar had once again been raised.

Indeed every single entry was of a high calibre, demonstrating not only the intense competition but the shared learning which is having such an impact across brands in all sectors. 

Click here for a full list of all our excellence award winners - a huge congratulations to every single one of you! 

It goes without saying that’s all awards require dedication and a passion to demonstrate excellence. 

Some require even more, a marathon like stamina in terms of long term commitment to continuous improvement 

Special mention goes to Capita BBC Audience Lines and Cigna who received the prestigious Gold award for 15 years accreditation to CCA Global Standard©, now entering its 7th version reflecting a digital world.  A truly remarkable achievement. Click for lists of Global Standard gold silver and bronze awards 

Thanks to all our fantastic speakers over 2 days at Convention, there was certainly no shortage of wisdom and experience on show. A special thanks to Jayne Secker from Sky news who hosted a hectic two days so beautifully. Click here for a copy of the programme. 

Thanks also to all our supplier partners who helped so much during the planning phases. Find out more about our partners here.

And finally thanks to the amazing CCA team who put on the show!

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are as tired as I am a restful one!

Anne Marie