For some of us, summer conjures up the images of holidays on sandy beaches, crystal blue seas and the warm sun on our faces. For the 5 million ferry passengers that visit the west coast of Scotland’s islands and rural communities each year, the first two are a given but the latter can be a bit more sporadic.

However, making the journey to the islands as smooth as possible is CalMac -  the major operator of passenger and vehicle ferries between the mainland of Scotland and 24 islands, including the Outer Hebrides and the Isles of Skye, Mull and Islay.

For lots of the passengers using the ferries, their trip is for leisure and pleasure, but for the resident islanders the ferry is a critical lifeline providing many of the essential supplies from other parts of the country, and also the connection to vital and emergency services and the means to access them.

At the heart of the service CalMac offers to customers sits CCA Global Standard©. Providing the mechanism for the business to be confident their operation meets the industry benchmark is extremely important for the organisation – and knowing that they have been independently assessed offers assurance their customer service is hitting the mark.


Rosalind Robertson, Customer Insights and Standards Manager from CalMac commented, “We have been using CCA Global Standard© for a number of years now and we very much value the benefits we see from using this model. Not only does it allow for external recognition that what we are doing meets the industry benchmark, but it also allows us to join together as a team to work towards a common goal.”

CalMac use a range of channels to communicate with customers. Whilst the telephone is their core service, the growing use of social channels to keep customers up-to-date with any changes to services impacted by weather conditions, for example, is allowing the business to take their service to the next level.


Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA said, “Our independent assessor highlighted that excellent customer focus was clearly evident and was impressed with the awareness and commitment to service users, many of whom depend upon CalMac to provide lifeline services.”

“Providing this critical connection for islanders, and also to the regular visitors and tourists all year round, is to be commended. Managing this broad network of services, particularly given the unpredictable factors such as weather conditions, is no mean feat and we are delighted that at the core of the service provided is CCA Global Standard©.”


CCA Global Standard© is both an opportunity and a challenge for all customer service operations. If you haven't looked at it recently why not get a copy of the latest update sent to you? Contact the Team and view more info here.

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