Dear Santa

It's been a very busy year and hopefully we've all been good enough for some special last minute requests:

  • A nice new shiny analytics system to let us know what customers want before they do themselves
  • A halo of high NPS scores to show how good we really are
  • Some precious mindfulness down-time to let colleagues recharge their empathy powers
  • A big magic crystal ball to predict who is knocking at the contact centre door and how they got there
  • A sprinkling of magic memory power dust on customers to help them remember pins and passwords

And if there's any purchase left a big loud cheer for everybody who will be working hard on Christmas Day in emergency services and other organisations working hard to ensure that we all have a happy healthy Christmas!

Thanks Santa



From all at CCA have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year - here's to a great 2017!

Whether you've been naughty or nice, a parting gift from CCA to end 2016 :  A complete summary of all of our research and benchmarks for 2016 - click here to select your downloads:




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