Albert Einstein's definition of insanity – ‘Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’.

To a greater or lesser extent, we all do it every day in our workplace, for different reasons and in different ways - nevertheless, we revert to a default set of behaviours that stops us progressing, stops us innovating and stops us being the best we can be.

One reason that we can become trapped in a behavioural loop is that we are under such intense pressure in today’s multi-channel 24/7 service environment just to carry out transactional business against exacting performance targets, that we struggle to find time and headspace to think about transformational methods of working, leading and managing.

To progress, today’s customer service leaders need to carve out time dedicated to questioning the status quo, learning from the best in the business, and thinking strategically about their own organisations. It was to meet this precise need that we created CCA’s one-day MBA for Customer Experience which will launch on April 30.

We are delighted that such a broad range of forward-thinking organisations from both public and private sectors have signed up for this inspirational and innovative programme.

The beauty of our unique mini MBA programme is that we have packed a huge amount of interactive learning into a short timeframe, delivering knowledge and insight that will continue to resonate when participants return to their workplace, sowing the seeds of transformational change.

We, (in common with other professional organisations in the insurance, advertising and management studies spheres which have introduced highly successful one-day MBAs) have tailored the MBA to meet the needs of organisations that are committed to continuous professional development for their people and are seeking innovative programmes to achieve this.

We developed the course
in association with the Customer Experience Network and it constitutes a synthesis of essential knowledge gleaned from world leaders in customer service.

The very first customer service professionals to complete this programme will emerge well-equipped not only to manage complexity at the front line, but as effective strategists able to shape future service needs.

The most eminent sages, philosophers and scientists have shared a common belief - that true knowledge begins with acknowledging what you don’t know. And as Einstein says: “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

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