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"I thoroughly love working with the CCA. Our partnership allows us to get a lot of exposure to a lot of different clients in the UK. It gives us the ability to blend disruption and heritage together."

Contact Centre Specialist, Twilio

"Working with CCA allows us to have a real insight into what the customer service environment is really focused on, and to gain access to people who are thought leaders, trusted advisors, and execs in the environment. CCA partnership allows us to make personal connections and to be part of a close network of people…it’s something that’s very unique in that respect."

Head of Corporate Sales, UK & Ireland, Poly

"CCA gives us access to the right audience. We’re able to meet with the sort of people who we want to have conversations with."

CEO, Sensée

"CCA allows us the ability to tap into its wide network of leadership industries so that our colleagues can learn more about what’s going on."

Managing Partner, Gobeyond

"Our partnership is a great opportunity to sit and listen to customers talking to each other and discussing what their problems really are."

Regional VP of Sales - EMEA, TTEC

"CCA really understand our challenges. We connect well as thought leaders…it’s a trusted environment. People know they can trust people who work with CCA."

Marketing Director, Oracle

Our partners make a vital contribution by enabling us to create a detailed picture of trends in customer contact and customer service.

In the last 12 months, executives from Oracle, Poly, Twilio, TTEC and many more worked closely with CCA, sparking new ideas, providing insight and helping shape projects.

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