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Emerging Leadership Award Launch 2019

31/03/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS Sharon Johnston, CCA
The Emerging Leader Award is an exclusive award category for CCA Platinum Members. It seeks to recognise emerging leaders within the organisation that are truly committed to driving transformational change.

Each participating company can nominate a maximum of four emerging leaders in their business.  Nominees are invited to focus on a project or initiative they have championed across the business which has resulted in the positive transformation of the service or area outlined.

Through their leadership and influencing skills they have managed to achieve colleague support and ultimately made improvements on behalf of the business, colleagues and/or customers.

Submissions should be a maximum of 2,000 words clearly detailing:

  • Background details of the project/initiative
  • Why this project/initiative was important for the business
  • What steps the nominee took to drive transformation
  • What have been the business results?
  • How has this supported the individual nominee in their role?


For more information and details on how to enter please contact Sophie Connors


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