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30/09/2019 EVENTS
Why is it important to be part of a network of people who have similar aims and values to you?

We all want and need to belong. Surrounding yourself with people who you admire and who inspire you is important, both from a personal and professional perspective. Being part of a network leads to greater innovation, better personal connection, and foster a sense of belonging and partnership.

CCA Annual Convention celebrates its 25th Anniversary on the 12th and 13th November 2019 and attracts individuals who work in, are responsible for, or have a vested interest in customer service. From the strategic and visionary to the practical day to day management of customer demands, the Convention will offer you the best opportunities to collaborate, learn and develop both personally and professionally.

More than 250,000 executives from across industry have engaged in CCA activities in some shape or form over the past 25 years. Your life is busy, and your organisation is constantly evolving – and we are too.

Why not join us in November for what promises to be a stand-out Convention!

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Pauline Cochrane
T: + 44 141 564 9010

About CCA
CCA is the professional body for leading brands in customer experience, challenging and connecting public and private sector organisations to become world class. With more than 20 years’ experience, we are firmly recognised as the trusted reference for research, analysis and expertise. Our work with operators, BPO & shared service providers and vendors ensures we retain our position as the definitive source within our market-place.

Most people within our network are actively considering the best model to deliver a better customer experience and to drive more profitability from customer interactions. Our agenda for 2019 will support this challenge providing our customers with the information and data they need to make informed decisions around the future of their business. For further information visit

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