Join Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO of Content Guru, as he hosts a discussion on CX in a post pandemic world with Frost & Sullivan analysts Federico Teveles and Alexander Michael. Frost & Sullivan, a leading global business consultancy, has over 60 years’ experience partnering with corporations, cities, governments, and investor communities to build a future powered by growth.

The accelerated shift from on-premises to cloud-based contact centre solutions allow more and more businesses to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into customer journeys to optimise experience and effectiveness.

Automated bots, image recognition, biometrics authentication, speech recognition, fraud detection, machine translation, predictive recommendation engines, and automated models for scheduling and forecasting within workforce management are significant AI-powered applications that thrive in the customer experience (CX) space.

AI-powered contact centre tools allow time and cost savings, smarter customer services, more efficient and effective contact centre management, and the generation of actionable insights that facilitate decision-making for managers. AI is transforming the CX space and has become vital to enhancing customer service quality and driving competitive differentiation.

There is scepticism surrounding automation and the potential adverse effects on employment, but the evidence so far is that the adoption of AI-powered tools in contact centres complements rather than replaces agents. The increasing industry focus on agent experience (AX) together with the growing need to create resilient and safe contact centre environments after the COVID-19 pandemic, are becoming main drivers for AI adoption.

AI drives positive CX transformation, but businesses must look beyond the hype to identify the real value of AI. This webinar will focus on real-world insight and share AI best-practice use cases to explore the power to positively transform business operations and satisfy the evolving expectations of new generations of customers.