Each month members are invited to join an online networking forum to discuss, debate and review best practice. The session agenda is created and developed in collaboration with CCA members. 

The future of complaint handling
Ensuring customers receive the right outcome when it comes to complaints has always been important, however customer needs and expectations around complaints have seen a shift over the past year.

As we move ahead, what will the new normal look like when it comes to complaint handling?

At this session, we will discuss what changes have been necessary to adeptly respond to customer complaints and as a group we will focus on the following discussion points:-

What does our current complaints process look like today?
What does a ‘best in class’ complaints process look like?
How do we measure complaints performance today and will this change as we move post-COVID?
How do we equip ourselves to be able to adapt to any sudden headwinds (e.g. Regulatory changes, external influences etc.)?

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