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Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA


Most weeks there's an announcement regarding another latest discovery about how the human brain works. This week scientists announced that a brain scan can provide reliable information about our chances of dying early (I think I'll stick with not knowing what I don't know here thanks!) 

BBC Horizon featured the highly talented Rory Bremner (CCA Excellence Awards host 2016) in a programme dedicated to explaining the neuroscience behind ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Rory is convinced he is part of the 3% adult population estimated to be affected. Neuroscientists showed how their brains differ in composition, lacking a 'filter'.

We actually know surprisingly little about the workings of the human brain, but over the last few years we know more than all the previous cumulative knowledge.

Machine learning is a part of every aspect of our lives and yet according to the Royal Society, only 9% of us have any understanding of what the term means.

As machines learn faster and faster, the use of algorithms becomes more normal in decision making about many important aspects of our lives; health, wealth and insurance.

Understanding customer emotions in parallel with machine learning matters greatly to organisations planning their resources to effectively service whichever business area they happen to be in. How do we become flexible to changing needs without adding too much cost? How do we adapt to the needs of a changing workforce? How do digitally native and non-diverse boards acquire the wisdom to make good decisions and provide leadership? How do we serve an ageing population in parallel with always on millennials?

These are just some of the meaty topics being tackled by the CCA network in our busiest ever events calendar. It’s tempting to think that technology decisions reside with Sheldon like characters from the popular TV show 'Big Bang Theory' but in fact more often than not, customer service directors are driving change programmes to suit customer and critically employee needs. Seeking the right blend of technology and human touch is the nirvana for many organisations – but clearly not easy to achieve.

However, many organisations are finding their way there as best they can and being as innovative as possible to improve what they offer for customers. We hosted our first service excellence benchmarking session for 2017 this week where 30 leading brands discussed, debated and shared insight on leading practice and how CCA Global Standard© supported both excellent operations, transformational plans and also enterprise-wide engagement. I’m always impressed with the collective brain power we have across our network and it’s important to use it to support change and drive innovation in our organisations.

At CCA we’ve been busy using our brains to develop a new website to better articulate how you can access the wide-range of services and support available to help. So watch out over the weekend for when it’s launched. We need as many brains as possible to make sure we keep on the right track – let us know what you think.

Have a happy holiday weekend!

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