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Manifestos at the Ready!

Anne Marie Forsyth

12 December is less than 3 weeks away, and this week saw the main parties launch their manifestos. Depending on your political persuasion, some will have more appeal over others. 

Interestingly, on the BBC website there is a specific ‘guide’ with drop down boxes navigating you to your party of choice based on their proposed policies, your location etc. Almost a bit like choosing the right car spec or mobile handset. Even in politics, a more personalised approach is pervading to help you choose your optimum party. 

At CCA Annual Convention last week we conducted our own set of polls on the issues top of mind for our 300+ delegates and of course our wider network. Getting live results from key influencers across all sectors offered us an unrivalled look into what organisations are most challenged with as we approach a new year and, more importantly, a new decade. 

From approaches to agile and flexible working, changes in complexity of front-line role, supporting and delivering improved culture change, to completely reforming existing operating models, there weren’t many questions we didn’t gather an opinion on. Overall, what was most interesting for me is the commitment, dedication and hard-nosed determination from leaders in our network to do the right thing for their customers and also their employees. 

Navigating through challenging times whilst being where customers need you to be, supported by the right technology and ensuring colleagues are best supported to deliver aren’t necessarily new issues, but certainly ones that are growing in urgency to address. Having a collaborative environment that brings like-minded people together works its own magic, and I know many left our event re-invigorated and re-energised to take their businesses forward, building a new ‘manifesto’ for their customers and colleagues. 

We’ll be issuing the full results of our polls imminently so if you’d like to get a copy of the results please email Anna McEvinney in our team.

Have a great weekend!

Anne Marie

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