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25 Years on - Reflections

Anne Marie Forsyth

After a wonderful two days at this year’s momentous CCA’s 25th Convention, many of us we will have our own individual reflections about how to make tomorrow better than today.

The richness of our experience is how we use what we shared to become better versions of ourselves, enhancing the lives of those we work beside and of course customers that we are employed to serve. 

Over two days, finishing off with CCA Excellence Awards Gala Dinner, more than 700 professionals created an inimitable vibe that can only truly be experienced when like-minded people with passion to improve things get together - thanks to you all. 

A huge thanks to our incredible speakers - you truly raised the bar this year and the feedback has been phenomenal. 

To our partners - we couldn’t have created this event without your input and valuable insights throughout. We value these relationships, many of whom have partnered the CCA network for more than a decade. 

If you didn’t manage along and wished you had, take a look at the programme and let us know how you want access to any of the presentations or research. 

Thanks to the Hilton Hotel Glasgow for truly 5-star service - once again you raised the bar! 

And to Seth Gardner for capturing the event on camera and video - there’s a wealth of amazing visuals and podcasts which I’m sure will be valued by so many of us.

Congratulations to all CCA Excellence Award winners 2019. The evening kicked off with our two Director of the Year award winners - Iain Craig from Nationwide Building Society and Alison Varney from Sky. See all our winners here

A special thanks to the independent industry judging panel, chaired by Andy Mends. You all do an incredible job by adding your collective wealth of experience to raising our expectations of ‘what good looks like’ every year. 

Thanks to the whole CCA events team - I can only say that what looks like swans gliding along the surface is, as you can imagine, rapid paddling under water! 

The starting gun for a journey to excellence has commenced for 2020. We now have a huge wealth of resources to complete a full programme and meet your collective and individual needs for the decade ahead.

Thanks to all for taking part - let’s continue the journey together.

Have a restful weekend!

Anne Marie

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