It has been an exciting few weeks and I am delighted at the level of input and feedback we have received from Convention delegates - this will really help shape our agenda for 2013.  

One of the highlights from the event itself has been the fresh approach we took to help articulate the exciting opportunities which lie ahead for our industry.  Using a series of images produced by Superflux, we were able to visualise  what the future might look like across some of the different aspects of our businesses.  The outputs of this are being shared in inTouch online today - get in touch if you haven't already subscribed.

We also have some really good podcasts available with short sharp summaries of the main proceedings from the mouths of the attendees - these will form part of the Digital Convention initiative to be launched in January 2013.

And of course we have some amazing photographs of the Award Winners. There are also some really fun pictures - its worth taking a look to see lots of happy smiling faces - click here.  In an otherwise gloomy economic outlook it’s so important to celebrate all our successes to balance the constant barrage of bad news around us.