There were a couple of really interesting stats published this week.  Firstly the new Ofcom report that reported mobile voice calls are in decline for the first time as more of us are switching to text and online communications – the average consumer now sending 50 texts per week.  This has more than doubled over the last four years and a staggering 150+ billion text messages were sent in 2011!

The next interesting piece was published in Psychologies magazine which reported that 66% of people are suffering from anxiety about losing their phone.  Nomophobia, as it is diagnosed, is more prevalent in men than women with 70% of men worried about this versus 61% of women!
On a more serious note, this clearly present a massive challenge for our organisations to understand how customers want to communicate.  The mobile world we live in means customers are always ‘on’ and always ‘connected’ either through mobile or wi-fi.  Our next piece of work with our Industry Council will be looking at ‘The Future Workforce’ and some of these trends need to be considered when looking at the future of work in our market place.  If you would like to contribute a case study or learn more about this piece of research please get in touch.