Anne Marie is on her summer break so we thought we’d pinch her Friday blog and let you all into a little secret.

Many of you will know that each year we take a percentage of the monies collected through ticket sales for our Gala Dinner and donate it to a charity or other good cause.

For the past 2 years we have chosen musicALL- an inclusive project that encourages the talents and achievements of young people with additional support and learning needs. Through music they build relationships and create new possibilities for learning and inclusion.

Some of the students performed at the Gala Dinner and I don’t think there was a single guest in the room who wasn’t stunned and amazed by their performance.

We passionately support musicAll and a small team of us decided that to add to the £18,522 already donated on behalf of CCA and our members, we would try and top that up a little.

Since the 1st January, we have been on a mission to collectively run 2017 miles this year, with the aim of raising an additional £2,017.

Earlier this month, we reached our 1,000 mile mark and we are pretty thrilled! We’ve also raised £1,190 and thought maybe we could share our story and you could help us with our target.

Thanks for listening! Normal blog service will resume next week.

Sharon, Martin & Sophie