This week saw us all shocked and horrified at the tragic tower block fire disaster in London. The dreadful pictures and scenes showed the devastation left behind that I’m sure affected each and every one of us. None more so than those at the front-line emergency services putting their own lives on the line to do what they could to help those in dire need.

The heroic acts of all involved, in particular the fire-service who were purposefully going towards the fire as residents were fleeing for their lives, reminds us that in times of need we rely on their selfless acts of bravery. It’s a truly great reflection of what makes us human and why front-line services – both emergency and others – have a massive impact on our lives each and every day.

We don’t always think or recognise the sometimes harrowing calls received by our colleagues across all our industries that has an impact on both the customer and the advisor. Whether it’s supporting someone who has just been bereaved, a customer with mental health issues, or supporting someone with debt problems – they all require a particular skill-set to provide reassurance, guidance and support.

At our Summer Convention yesterday, we heard from many leading brands and how they are striving to innovate, simplify and improve the service delivered for customers – seeking the balance between providing the human touch at the right moments but also trying to understand how and where some of the amazing new technologies can help do some of the heavy lifting to allow our colleagues to offer the best support possible.

So perhaps it’s a time for reflection for us all and to say a humble thanks to those individuals at the front-line up and down the country that go above and beyond to help our customers and keep the wheels in our lives turning.