Exam results fever hit again this week as the A-level results were issued. Students celebrated, and perhaps commiserated, as the results were announced whilst their Scottish counterparts were a week earlier. 
As is regularly the case, every year there are many who dismiss or put down students’ efforts claiming that exams get easier each year. However, whilst the A-level results showed a slight dip in the number of students achieving top results, record numbers have been accepted onto university courses.
The Olympics too have shown us many new World and Olympic records being achieved and an outstanding result for Team GB as they currently sit second in the overall medals table.

Our own industry awards are in the middle of being judged and the shortlist is due to be announced very soon. Like the A-level students, the papers were written earlier in the year, are undergoing a rigorous judging process and the successful candidates will breath a sigh of relief when they go through to the final stages. However, make no mistake – everyone who put themselves forward for scrutiny and judgement is a winner! Opening up your business, nominating colleagues and team members to be reviewed and judged by industry peers is not for the feint-hearted. Each entrant should be applauded simply for the fact of striving to improve service for customers and ultimately be recognised for it. And whilst we may not be breaking any world records, the drive and commitment to achieve success cannot be underestimated or go unrecognised.
Whilst the Rio Olympics are in their final stages, team plans will already be underway for Tokyo in 2020 – reinforcing the need to always move forward and have new talent and capability coming through.
For the first time this year we are also recognising new talent through our Emerging Leaders programme – an exclusive awards and recognition scheme for our Platinum members. Courageous companies will be putting their rising stars forward to be considered for this inaugural programme – identifying those tasked with shaping the future of customer service. In the words of American actress Tina Fey, “In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”