Greg Rutherford’s beaming smile spoke volumes this week as he won Gold for the long jump at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  Most of us remember his success at the London Olympics two years ago, but few of us appreciate that his last year was beset with injury and disappointment. He was quoted in The Guardian as saying, “A lot of people had written me off. They thought I was a one-hit wonder but I am here to prove that I can still do it and I will do it many more times.”

This level of sheer determination in the face of adversity defines real winners from those who are merely content  to achieve mediocrity for their endeavours. The parallels with sporting life and the business world run deep and a multitude of learnings and experiences from our sporting heroes, be they winners or losers, can be applied in our individual working lives. 
We were honoured to have Greg present CCA Global Standard Awards at Convention 2012 and his presentation speech inspired and motivated all who were present. His message was loud and clear - in the same way as world class athletes make winning a habit, organisations must make excellence a habit.  Recent Standard awardees at CCA include: Adactus Housing, Allied Technical, Orbit Housing, Capita Southampton, Islington Council, Cheshire East, and Capita Customer Management.  For more information on our recently launched V6 click here.
Excellence has been on show throughout the duration of the Commonwealth Games. Like many of us in service sector business the organisers didn’t have the luxury of a second chance to make a first impression.  Any hiccup in proceedings from booking, queuing, transport, seating or catering attracted  instantaneous critique - a solemn reminder that social media can be our best friend or deepest enemy depending on the circumstances.
Managing any customer facing organisation in today’s ‘always on’ world is not for the feint hearted.  Complexity has increased several fold since CCA’s first Convention 20 years ago. Perhaps this is why response to the launch of CCA Global Standard  has been incredibly positive from all facets of business and public sector. More than ever organisations need a trusted and proven methodology to ensure that we get it right on the night…but also every night.