CCA Inspire

CCA Inspire is an educational programme to reward high performing front-line colleagues and first-line managers

Some of the brands that have taken part so far


"The CCA Inspire programme was very informative, it gave me a better understanding and outlook on customers needs which in turn has helped me to think more towards how I can help enhance the overall customers experience in Tesco Bank."
Customer Service Representative, Tesco bank
"I came away from this Webinar really looking forward to the next one and it has got me thinking about how I can use this approach to help staff and in turn customers with their performances, focus and experience within customer service."
Customer Experience Advisor, SGN
"I found the session opened some key discussion points for me to use on my team regarding our processes and services."
Team Leader, Co-op Bank
"I really enjoyed this session and found it interesting and useful from the position of taking calls and also with regards to communicating with colleagues, whether that is through training, presenting information or coaching."
Customer Operations Representative, Standard Life

Topic Areas

Creating a great customer experience:

Understanding the customer journey and using this to deliver exceptional customer service

Effective Communication:

Tips on delivering the right message through various communication channels to build trust with your customers

Characteristics of a high performing team:

Improve your performance through the ground-breaking characteristics and habits of high performing teams

Thriving Everyday:

During this webinar Emma will share some strategies to build and maintain your resilience and enable you to thrive in the face of challenge and change. You will learn practical tools you can apply immediately to help you thrive every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme start?

The first webinar: Creating a great customer experience will begin on 20th June and will be led by Nicola Collister, CEO and founder of Customer experience business, Custerian. Assess their role and how they can proactively use the learnings from the programme to support their own personal development needs.

How long will it last?

There will be 4 sessions in total. Each online session will last up to an hour and the post session exercises will take 20mins on average to complete. The webinar sessions will begin in June 2018 with the final session being completed in September 2018.

How will the webinars work?

Each participant will be invited to join/given access to the webinar at a set date/time. Ideally, they should find some quiet space with no distractions so that they can focus on the speaker and content of the discussion. We will then set a deadline for each session to be completed.

Who will lead the webinars?

Each webinar will focus on a particular topic and a leading expert will lead the presentation. The sessions will be structured to encourage participants to challenge their thinking and consider how they could improve their performance. Each session will conclude with outcomes and considerations for participants to take away and review/assess.

How do participants evidence their learning?

After each webinar, participants will receive a set of questions to complete to demonstrate their learnings. This will help to capture the key points from the webinars and participants will be asked to relate this specifically to their role within their organisation. A form must be completed for each session, signed by their line manager and then submitted to CCA.

What do participants receive when they complete the programme?

Each participant who completes the programme will receive a CCA Accredited Customer Service Professional Certificate. They will also be listed on the CCA website as a CCA Accredited Professional and if they wish, will be invited to submit a photo and short comment to support their listing.

How much does it cost?

Rates are currently £299 plus VAT per person or a group of 4 can take part for a fee of £999 plus VAT.

How do I book?

If you would like to reserve a space please contact CCA on 0141 564 9010 or by emailing Paddy Woods e:
For more information contact:
Katie White
  0141 564 9010