There are two types of people in your business – those who talk to customers and those who support those who talk to customers. Both are equally important.

Are you confident your team has the correct blend of problem solving, empathetic and analytical skills essential to thrive in a new CX era?

Front-line teams need to be supported, have access to quality training and mentoring and be empowered to deliver the best possible experience on every customer interaction.
Achieving this is a challenge, but the consequences can be damaging.
78% of customers cancel a transaction or intended purchase after poor customer service
Source: American Express survey

96% of customers don’t bother to complain
Source: Understanding Customers" by Ruby Newell-Legner

91% never come back due to a bad experience
Source: Understanding Customers" by Ruby Newell-Legner

Dissatisfied customers will tell between 9and15 people about their experience
Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

What is it?

CCA Inspire is an accredited programme designed to skill and equip future CX leaders. It helps to recognise talent and emerging leadership in front-line operations and rewards through a programme of recognised professional development.

Consisting of four one-day masterclasses, each focusing on a critical topic impacting customer and employee needs and behaviours, and each session is facilitated by a recognised leading expert.

Inspire Masterclass Programme

A series of one day courses focussing on critical topics
The programme is structured to encourage participants to challenge their thinking and invite them to consider how they can improve performance.
The programme will develop existing skills and give individuals access to a broader understanding of the changing environment in which they operate.
#1 Emotional Connection: Why are you here?
March 2020
Everyone wants to find meaning at work, but many don’t, as recent research shows. But why does meaning matter and what are its sources?

Nearly nine out of 10 employees in organisations worldwide don’t perceive their daily work as meaningful - an alarming number, considering that the same research identifies meaning as a “root cause of innovation and corporate performance.” But when do people feel that their work is meaningful, and how can organisations and leaders help to create meaning?

#2 Developing socially intelligent leaders
May 2020
Leadership success requires the ability to connect with others and maintain positive relationships across the organisation.

Industry knowledge, job skills, and strategy are not enough to motivate and empower teams to excel. Great leaders interact with intention by developing self-awareness and demonstrating emotional intelligence in constantly changing, complex environments to lead their organisations more effectively.

#3 Employee Engagement
June 2020
We will lead the way for you to be your best self and perform to your optimum capability. Learn how to build your team and take performance to new heights - with happier teams, happier customers and a happier organisation.

Key elements covered include: • The powerful habits of high performance contact centre leaders • Transforming your team into a high-performance team • Building an employee engagement strategy for your team • Planning for success – and know the pitfalls

#4 Managing mental health in the workplace
September 2020
Innovation in the space of vulnerability is taking place at speed. At this session we will provide an overview of the best of this, with the aim of inspiring new thinking and action.

The innovations presented will be drawn from ‘issues of the moment’ at the time of the session as well as key themes participants wish to explore further including: • inclusive design • machine learning • ‘vulnerable consumer panels’


Who is it for?

The content and structure of the programme is geared towards people who have line-manager responsibility for customer facing and customer support teams. This can include team managers, call centre managers, team leaders, operations managers, back office leaders, team coaches etc.

You may also consider involving people who would benefit from understanding personal impact, making personal connections, being an effective leader and supporting and developing people.



Registration and participation to CCA Inspire costs £995 plus VAT per person. This is non-transferable.

If you would like to register more than 4 people for the programme, get in touch for a multi-booking discount.