What We Know

What do team leaders/first line managers enjoy most about their job?


Achieving good performance with my team


Leading a team


Helping & encouraging my team to do the best job they can

81% of team leaders/first line managers surveyed agreed they were in the right job

Source: The Future of Work & Automation - October 2019, CCA Research Institute

You have the right people, in the right role with the right aspirations and attitude. How do you ensure they are motivated, skilled and developed to be their best self and achieve their top 3 priorities?

Reward the leaders in your business by showing your commitment to their personal development and training.

How can we help?

CCA Inspire is an accredited programme designed to skill and equip team leaders and front-line managers with the attitudes and capabilities for them to succeed and face challenges head on with confidence and resilience. The programme allows you to recognise the talent and emerging leadership in front-line operations and reward through a programme of recognised professional development.

The annual programme consists of four, one-day masterclasses each focusing on a critical topic impacting customer and employee needs and behaviours, facilitated by a recognised leading expert.

Inspire Masterclass Programme

A series of one day courses focussing on critical topics
The programme is structured to encourage participants to challenge their thinking and invite them to consider how they can improve performance.
The programme will develop existing skills and give individuals access to a broader understanding of the changing environment in which they operate.
#1 Unlocking the potential for customer service leaders
7 May 2020 Hilton Hotel, Glasgow
Leadership is about taking people with you on a journey with a common goal. Simple in theory, more difficult in practice, where the people you are leading have different goals or just don’t buy into yours. The good news is that there are some actions all good leaders do, everywhere, and success is within reach of those participating in the CCA Inspire programme.
#2 The new rules of employee engagement
24 June 2020 Etihad Stadium, Manchester
A dynamic, inspiring session to empower you to be your best self and perform to your optimum capability. Learn how to engage your team with purpose. Take service and performance to new heights - with happier teams, happier customers and a happier organisation.
#3 The importance of team work
Date and location to be confirmed
A football coach has a great responsibility to the team. Not only are coaches invested in the success of the team as a whole, but they also aim to motivate each individual player. The coach has the duty of taking their many different players and creating a cohesive team that accomplishes what’s needed.
#4 Managing mental health in the workplace
Date and location to be confirmed
Innovation in the space of vulnerability is taking place at speed. At this session we will provide an overview of the best of this, with the aim of inspiring new thinking and action.

Who is it for?

The content and structure of the programme is geared towards people who have line-manager responsibility for customer facing and customer support teams. This can include team managers, call centre managers, team leaders, operations managers, back office leaders, team coaches etc.

You may also consider involving people who would benefit from understanding personal impact, making personal connections, being an effective leader and supporting and developing people.



Registration and participation to CCA Inspire costs £995 +VAT per person for members and £1,295 +VAT for non members. This is non-transferable.

If you would like to register more than 4 people for the programme, get in touch for a multi-booking discount.

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