Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider CCA Global Standard® Version 6?

First and foremost CCA Global Standard® is recognised as the definitive standard for customer contact operations. It has a proven track record of being an effective solution to real challenges concerning customer engagement and continuous improvement. CCA Standard® is an industry standard - it has been created and developed by industry for industry. Making the decision to have your contact centre independently assessed against this defined set of criteria is a true reflection on the importance your organisation places on delivering the best possible service to your customers. The Standard� has also been adopted by some industry regulators and it has been mandated as a performance metric for the Treasury�s own bank�National Savings & Investments.

We want to be recognised as an industry leader - does CCA Global Standard® support this ambition?

Yes, very much so. Since 2001, when Standard® was first introduced to the market, there were many examples of leading practice being identified through the assessment process. With Version 6, if an organisation believes they are performing exceptionally well in a particular business area, then the assessor will focus on this and include a review within the report which is presented to CCA Standards Review Board. The Review Board act as a collective voice of industry, and will discuss the submission and provide feedback to you and present an opinion of whether they believe the specific initiative or process merits additional recognition. "CCA Centres of Excellence" is a new initiative introduced to showcase CCA accredited members. This will form the stage for recognising and promoting leading practice across our industry. The CCA Excellence Awards programme will also evolve throughout 2015 to ensure CCA Accredited members gain formal industry wide recognition.

How will my organisation benefit?

The Global Standard® will help identify processes to improve communication across all business units where activity has an impact on customer service. It will instil a discipline to actively reduce failure demand and anchors good processes which are important in delivering great customer service. It will give your organisation an understanding of how it measures up to an industry recognised standard level of practice. If you are setting up or revising your operation or introducing new customer contact channels it provides an excellent anchor to help support leading practice through periods of change.

How will my people benefit?

The process ensures that staff are engaged and training and development meets both the needs of the business and the individual. You can be confident that your people are employed by an organisation that works hard to ensure it is capable of delivering leading practice in the industry.

I am considering being assessed - am I able to visit or speak to another organisation who currently holds CCA Global Standard® accreditation?

Yes. Most organisations are very open to sharing with others and this is actively encouraged across the CCA network. Please contact CCA to arrange.

Is the Standard® for UK only operations?

No. The Standard® can be applied anywhere. Operations in Ireland, Holland and Poland also hold CCA Global Standard� accreditation.

How can I access the Standard®?

A copy of the requirements is available on request - please contact CCA.

What is the process and how do I apply?

1. Complete an application form and submit to CCA - this will detail the size and scale of the operation and will allow CCA to provide you with an accurate quote for assessment.

How can I make sure we are ready for a Version 6 assessment?

A number of one-day workshops are available for you and colleagues to review the criteria for Version 6 and understand what evidence would be required to meet all requirements. These sessions allow you to involve key stakeholders from other departments e.g. marketing, IT, HR to ensure everyone can move one step closer to customer. A series of webinars will be available throughout 2015 providing an overview of each of the eight Modules, explaining changes to the assessment process and offering an opportunity to put forward any additional queries. These provide an excellent training opportunity for colleagues who wish to learn more and understand how to be part of the process.

Who is qualified to carry out assessments?

There are 3 options when it comes to assessment. BSI, SGS or another independent assessor assigned by CCA. Regardless of your preference, the assessment will be carried out using the same criteria and requirements. Some organisations conduct CCA Global Standard� assessments in tandem with other formal standards. CCA is committed to offering choice to ensure that the assessment programme assists business process and is not a disruption to service.

Why have changes been made to the Standard®?

Regular reviews of Global Standard® criteria ensures it continues to challenge organisations about their customer centricity and reflects the pace of change in our market. Version 1 was launched in 2001 in response to an industry wide consultation to determine the critical elements that should be included within an industry standard. CCA Global Standard® has undergone rigorous and regular reviews; Version 6 is the latest in this series of updates. The consultation process for Version 6 included engaging with more than 200 industry leaders and practitioners.

What are the main changes?

Current users will recognise many of the requirements however there are some significant changes. The following examples demonstrate some of the changes: � Enterprise-wide ownership of the customer is a theme which runs through all 8 modules. The assessor will seek evidence that the contact centre provides a central focus for customer communications, enterprise-wide. � Version 6 places a greater emphasis on employee engagement. Assessments include a thorough review of this including the wellbeing and development of colleagues. � Regulation and legislation plays a far greater role in our economy with regard to customer service than at any time previously. A rigorous review of processes is included to ensure the organisation has a tool-kit at hand to assist them in being compliant, thus ensuring that all employees are aware of the consequences of non-compliance. � For those organisations engaged in outbound calling, additional guidelines are included to ensure appropriate practices are being carried out.

Will Version 6 of Standard� continue to be assessed over a 3 year period?

No. The cycle of assessment will run over 2 years, instead of 3 which has been the case with all previous versions of Standard�.

Why has the cycle changed from 3 years to 2 years?

The pace of change in contact centres can be significant. Carrying out a full review of systems and processes once every 3 years was considered as part of the consultation process. It was agreed that the timeframe should be shortened to ensure that changes to the business were identified and reviewed more regularly.

What will happen in Year 1 and Year 2 of the assessments?

Year 1 will be a full assessment against all eight modules. Year 2 will be a review of the assessment report from Year 1 paying particular attention to advisories and minor non conformances. This gives both the organisation and the assessor the opportunity to drill down and examine any changes that may have impacted the business over the intervening year. The remaining assessment time will be spent drilling down in more detail to Module 2 � �Succeeding through colleague engagement and development�.

Why is there such a focus on Module 2?

The consultation period for Version 6 took 18+ months. During that time many views and opinions were gathered in terms of the criteria and process of assessment. A recurring theme from all discussions and debates was the importance of people. Module 2 requirements have been updated and extended. To further support the outputs of the consultation, a spotlight on Module 2 will form a significant part of the Year 2 assessment.

Is this the same for a multi-site assessment?

As a general rule, if there are more than 4 individual sites being assessed, then sampling will apply. This means that in Year 1 half of all contact centres will go through a Year 1 full assessment. The following year, the remaining sites will complete their full Year 1 assessment. On the third year, the first group will then go through a Year 2 assessment, followed by the second group in Year 4. Further information and clarification on multi-site assessments is available from CCA.

We already hold accreditation for CCA Global Standard� Version 5. How do we make the transfer to Version 6?

Assessment to Version 6 will be available from 27 October 2014. As from 1st November all accredited organisations will be required to be assessed against version 6. Up until that time existing accredited organisations have the option of either a Version 5 or Version 6 assessment. Organisations new to Standard� can only be assessed against Version 6.

Do we receive an award on completion of our assessment?

Yes. On completion of your initial assessment you will receive a formal certificate and plaque and be authorised to use the CCA Global Standard� logo. Your centre will be formally recognised by CCA as an Accredited centre. All members have the opportunity to have their award presented to them at a CCA event. After the Year 2 assessment, you will receive an additional certificate recognising your achievements. A summary of the recognition process is as follows: 1. A formal notification of your success is sent to the centre e.g. Chief Executive, Head of Contact. 2. The centre is formally recognised as a CCA Accredited centre and a series of PR and communication opportunities are available to promote your success. 3. Your award will be formally presented to your organisation - at a CCA event, Convention or other in-house planned event. 4. Following the 2 year assessment, individual achievement certificates for up to 10% of your colleague will be issued recognising their input in working for an accredited contact centre. CCA will provide the criteria for the selection of colleagues for these Awards.

What should I expect to read in the CCA Global Standard� report and how long after the assessment will we receive the report?

The reporting process for Version 6 has been updated and improved. Assessors will use an online tool to provide a detailed analysis on each of the requirements across all eight modules. Version 6 is a continuous improvement tool which highlights strengths and weaknesses based on the evidence presented throughout the assessment. All reports are quality checked before being reviewed by a minimum of two members of the CCA Standards Review Board. The feedback generated by the Review Board is also included within the final report. The estimated completion time for each assessment report is two weeks.

How does the CCA Standards Review Board work?

CCA Standards Review Board is a group of industry practitioners who have demonstrable experience, commitment and knowledge of leading practice. This group review and comment on non-competing Global Standard� assessment reports. There are no suppliers, consultants or CCA staff involved. Maintaining complete independence is critical and each assessment report is reviewed by a minimum of 3 members of the CCA Standards Review Board prior to accreditation being awarded. If you or a colleague would like to be considered for this Board, then please contact CCA.

Does Version 6 offer the opportunity to benchmark?

Yes. An annual benchmarking programme has been introduced which tracks specific details about your operation including SLA�s and KPI�s, contact volumes, risk and continuity practices and HR information. The data collected will be kept anonymous however users will receive an output comparing personal results with the wider data collected across the CCA network.

Do you have any other questions?

If you would like to discuss CCA Global Standard� in more detain then please contact CCA.

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