Benchmarking & Accreditation

CCA Global Standard© for Customer Service

Congratulations to the following organisations who collected their Global Standard© Awards at the CCA Convention in November 2017.

CCA Standard© is the recognised industry benchmark for:

Voice and digital operations

Connecting channels across the organisation to make sure the customer is at the centre of your business

Complaints management

Ensuring robust and responsive processes are in place to best respond to your customers

Employee engagement

Happy employees equals happy customers – is your engagement plan fit for purpose?

Customer experience

Measuring what matters – to you, the wider business and of course your customers

Performance & efficiency

Identify strengths and recognise colleagues for their commitment to customer service excellence

Relationships & partnerships

Mature and mutually beneficial partnerships are key to success - how do yours measure up?

A guide to re-defining standards in your customer service operation

Step 1 Understanding your needs

We will work with you to identify the areas of your customer service operation that needs most support. An outline of an action plan for the year ahead is created with input from colleagues across the business. Review the requirements of Standard© and start engaging those colleagues most likely to be involved.

Step 2 In-house review

A one-day in-house session is used to explore Global Standard© and to understand how your current customer service operation measures up against the industry benchmark.

Step 3 Gap analysis

By the end of the inhouse review, we will have created a gap analysis of your operation against Global Standard©. This will allow you to understand if any gaps exist, giving you the opportunity to set in place actions and timescales to make any changes to the business in advance of the assessment.

Step 4 Independent assessment

Dates are agreed with you and set for the independent assessment which involves an introductory planning meeting with senior management; a review of systems and processes against Global Standard© benchmarks; one to one interviews with colleagues across the business; presentation from front-line colleagues as part of the individual recognition scheme; and finally achievement of CCA Accredited Member status at the end of the process.

Step 5 Post assessment review

We will revisit your centre and present a review of the assessment and agree plans for ongoing improvements and developments.

Step 6 Awards and recognition

Choose to have your award presented at a CCA event and celebrate with colleagues across the CCA network.

Step 7 Continous improvement

Take part in a series of benchmarking seminars aimed at supporting the exchange of best practice and continous improvement across accredited customer service operations.

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