Webinar: How AI & Automation are Changing the Game in CX


With driverless cars, chatbots, smart speakers, drones and data-phishing creating sensational headlines every day, the number one question our industry needs to answer is: 'What does the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and Automation really mean for customer experience?'


The fact is that rules in CX are being rewritten fast. There are massive shifts underway in consumer behaviours, habits and attitudes, making it harder to predict the future. Moreover, this new technology isn't slowing down. Every year, the evolution of these digital products (and the debate around them) increases.


Here, backed by independent YouGov research, Dave Pattman, Managing Director of CX Services at Gobeyond Partners, part of the Webhelp Group presents this exclusive webinar, where he reveals the truth behind, and the impact of, machine learning on the CX industry.


Join Dave on the 5th December and discover how automation and artificial intelligence can give us an unparalleled insight into customer behaviour, revealing more about our audiences than ever before.


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