Oracle NEXT: Design ‘Doing’ Workshop London

Oracle Office, 1 South Pl, Finsbury, London

Calling all innovators, intrapreneurs & change makers. Do you want to solve your business challenge in 10 weeks?

Imagine if we could help you set your business challenge, map out a customer journey and then generate ideas, which are then validated with stakeholders and influencers, with a view to ‘testing’ them with real customer/employees in 10 weeks – that’s Design ‘Doing’! 

Come and experience it in a ‘hands-on’ workshop, which uses the Oracle NEXT co-innovation methodology, where we will use a fictional business challenge to help explain some of the mechanics and concepts behind it.
In this short 4 hour session you will learn how to:

  • Frame a business challenge.
  • Map a customer journey and identify their behaviours, attitudes and needs.
  • Focus your creativity to generate valuable ideas that deliver the desired financial result.
  • Explore how to validate ideas and what it takes to create buy-in.
  • Understand what else it takes to get ideas tested; successfully and repeatedly.

At the end of the workshop, we hope you’ll see value in applying our co-innovation methodology to your own business challenges. We have already done this with 100s of clients.

It’s all about executing your ideas in the marketplace, delivering value for you and your customers/employees.

Contact information

Steve Benton
TEL: 07501 226276
MBL: 07501 226276

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Oracle Office, 1 South Pl, Finsbury, London