How using smart technology can be the game-changer to reimagine customer experience

WEBINAR - 15.00-16.00

Harnessing the capabilities of smart technologies to gain genuine intelligence about customers and use it to make service improvements is critical but remains a challenge for organisations. In this session, in association with Aculab, Pauline Cochrane, Head of Research & Partnerships at CCA will explore the insights from CCA research on:

  • what critical choices are being faced by organisations today
  • the importance of engaging and empowering employees in a digital age
  • capitalising on the opportunities of tech innovations and knowing where to invest
  • how technologies such as voice biometrics can smooth customer journeys and enhancing experience whilst allowing the agent to get on and do their job


Expert contributor, Bart Minne, from MyForce (one of Europe’s leading IT and tech innovators), will discuss a client case study from a bank that is implementing voice banking to authenticate their customers, increasing security and improving the overall experience and quality to the customer.


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WEBINAR - 15.00-16.00