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ESB Networks - Powering All Electricity Customers


ESB Networks is responsible for building and maintaining the electricity network throughout Ireland. We ensure that electricity gets to the homes and businesses of our 2.3 million electricity customers, safely and efficiently.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our in-house, 24/7  Customer Care Centre, provides a best-in-class service to our customers who contact us about electricity connections, fault reporting, outage information or meter installations.


Learn about ESB Networks Customer Care Centre range of customer service options and how we enhance the customer experience every day while meeting strict regulatory targets.


We will  share our experience of how we deal with extreme events such as storms when up to 300,000 homes and businesses are without power.


ESB Networks is part of ESB Group, Ireland’s leading energy company, operating in generation, networks and supply as well as telecoms, electric vehicle public charging and more.

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ESB, Cork