CCA Executive Round-Table Dinner Discussion

Malmaison, Birmingham


This event is by invitation only

The role of people in the future of customer service

According to the World Economic Forum, more than half the global labour force will need to start reskilling and reinventing how they earn a living in the next five years. Customer service and experience is at the forefront of technological change and requires experts to respond to increasingly complex enquiries from customers.

In today’s increasingly dynamic landscape of customer experience, how can leaders drive results and the highest standards whilst also building motivated, engaged and satisfied employees? How can you ensure you have the right balance of automation, tech and human interaction? What critical questions do you need answers on to ensure you are making the right decisions for your business, your customers and fundamentally your workforce?

Hosted by RingCentral the dinner offers an exclusive opportunity to discuss with your fellow senior CX and customer service directors the key changes in the market place.

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Sophie Connors
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Malmaison, Birmingham