UK Consumers won't spend with brands they don't trust.


Data security is something that is on everyone’s radar, especially in complex contact centre environments.  Join this session to hear new consumer research (conducted by payment security specialists PCI Pal, the payment security specialists) on how consumers are putting their money where their trust is. From surveys done in both the UK and US into consumer trust and spending habits, we will talk about why, in 2019, contact centres need to be taking steps to provide clearer assurances to consumers as to how their data is captured, processed and stored.


Attendees will learn:

  • Highlights of the consumer research conducted in both the UK and US into consumer trust and spending habits
  • Why organisations should be listening to the voice of the customer and moving data security up their agendas
  • Why contact centres should be looking to descope their environments from the requirements of PCI DSS


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Sophie Connors
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