Keep Calm and Descope - protecting your contact centre



In the last few weeks alone, Amazon and British Airways have hit the headlines regarding data breaches. As concerning as it is, this isn't an uncommon occurrence.

What's concerning for companies who experience data breaches is this: 83% of consumers will stop spending with a business for several months in the aftermath of a security breach. Even more troubling, 21% of consumers will never return to a business post-breach, which means companies that do not address security head on and pre-plan for any type of security fault or breach face long-lasting revenue and reputation consequences.

Join PCI Pal and Verizon Consulting to hear about the benefits of removing PCI scope from Contact Centre environments.  Contact Centres are challenging environments which have historically used compensating controls as a means to compliance.  We will explore the problems with legacy compensating controls and the PCI scope challenges for the most common controls.  PCI Pal and Verizon will explore new technologies which enable Contact Centres to significantly limit or fully descope the Contact Centre data environment.

Join this interactive webinar and learn:

  • How contact centres across the globe are dealing with increasing threats to their data security
  • How to ensure compliance within the challenging contact centre environment
  • Why your organisation may not be compliant - exploring the problems of legacy compensating controls

PCI Pal’s Jane Goodayle will be joined by Priyanka Bhattacharya of Verizon Consulting.

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