Passionate about providing the best customer service, every day

CCA Customer Service Hero 2021

Everyone deserves to give and receive recognition regardless of job title, tenure or function.

The NEW CCA Customer Service Heroes Programme creates a consistent and easy approach for customer service employees to be recognised for the dedication and hard-work they demonstrate every day, supporting customers and each other.

Why should you nominate?

Customer Service Heroes have many positive and valuable traits including:

Honest, trusthworthy and has strong moral principles

Understands how to respond to the feelings of others

Positive can-do attitude
Is willing to take action to achieve results

Strong work ethic
Knows that work and diligence will add value personally and professionally

A team player
We are all different, but a team player understands this and can figure out ways to work together to solve problems and get the job done

A good communicator
Communication with customers is clear, easy to understand and helps to solve the problem

How does it work?

You can choose to nominate any number of people in your team. The process is simple. Complete the online form telling us in no more than 500 characters what makes each person deserving of a CCA Customer Service Hero Award. This is your opportunity to recognise their skills, experience and expertise and to share this with the wider CCA community.

Submit this alongside a photo of your nominee and we will do the rest.

Each nominee will receive a CCA Customer Service Heroes Certificate from CCA's Chief Executive promoting why they have been nominated and by whom. Their nomination will then be added to the CCA Wall of Fame, a celebration of the many amazing and wonderful people working in front-line customer service.

How much does it cost?

For a small admin fee of £1,000 plus VAT you can nominate up to 10 people across your team.


Frequently Asked Questions

All nominations will be live for a 12 month period from the date of publication.

Each nominee will be promoted as a Customer Service Hero for 12 months from the date the nominee's details are published on There is no deadline to nominate.

A weekly update will be circulated to all registered contacts signed up to receive CCA mailings. This means each update will be received by approximately 6,000 named contacts working within the customer service and experience industry.

We will make sure all nominees are featured at least once in the 12 month period that their entry is current and valid.

We will post regular updates via LinkedIn and Twitter and also provide all nominees with a social card promoting the fact they have been nominated. These can be used freely via social media and can also be attached to email footers etc. if permitted by the organisation.

Contact us to find out more

For more information on CCA Customer Service Heroes, or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch


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