CCA in Review – 2018

CCA in Review – 2018

This has been an exciting and busy year for the CCA network with many new services developed and delivered in response to the cross sectoral industry requests identified throughout the year.

CCA has developed a real time customer feedback loop with members, suppliers and industry in order that our agenda meets demands for unique insights into customer experience excellence. This has provided CCA with an ambitious and inspirational action plan for 2019

The Challenges

We understand how difficult it is to plan a customer strategy and execute it effectively during an uncertain economic and political climate. Whilst it's essential to continually review budgets in customer service operations, many organisations find their customers are even more demanding during these challenging times. It is therefore even more important to focus on learning from others how to provide an optimum blend of automation and empathetic human customer service and experience.

CCA has almost 25 years' experience of helping organisations swiftly learn from others and avoid the pitfalls associated with rapid change. The power of collaborating with experts in your peer network can yield greater and more effective outputs than other more costly options. CCA has built up an enviable reputation and network of experts and cultivated an effective methodology of partnering individuals and organisations to identify and resolve operational and strategic challenges.

Throughout 2018 we have had record attendances at our educational seminars and events demonstrating the value of this growing network of contributors and specialists. Key highlights include:

Launch of Inspire – 150+ graduates building resilience in the front-line

Completion of V7 of CCA Global Standard© – a new standard for a digital world to be launched March 2019

Growth in our Industry Council Futures Thought Leadership Forum to 48 organisations accounting for c25% of all customer service activity in one forum

Over 55 senior professionals across all sectors volunteering to peer review CCA Excellence Awards 2018

Launch of five new original research partnerships on the future of customer service and experience

Extension of CCA Annual Conventions Programme incorporating Summer Convention at Etihad in Manchester

A huge thanks to all our contributors, members, partners and our network for your intelligence, consultation and collaboration.

Hot Topics

Building Talent

How does talent need to be developed? Engagement with customers changes every year and the complexity of enquiries our front-line responds to is growing. How can we ensure that we keep our teams are best supported, engaged and equipped with the right technology to enable them to do their jobs most effectively?

Brand loyalty

How do you better understand the responsibility your brand has for its service and the impact or ripple effect on others if things go wrong. We have seen many examples of outages, data breaches etc through the year and disruption to some extent is becoming ‘business as usual'. Who is accountable?


Vulnerability and wellbeing is one of the top issues organisations are tackling – both from a customer and an employee perspective. How can we better support our colleagues to be more resilient and feel more equipped to deal with ongoing disruption?

Industry standards

What is the role of industry standards to anchor best practice? How can an external view offer that critical eye to support improvements versus processes and systems that might be holding you back?

Smart technology

What is the role of technology as we strive to improve? How can we ensure we are making the right investment decisions to build technology capability AROUND your people for maximum impact?

2019 Action Plan