One of my observations from the current gloomy climate is how reassured I feel when listening to the many real experts from science and medicine, but switched off when listening to the spin we have become so accustomed to over recent years.
The ‘Punch and Judy’ point-scoring style of political media interviews during Brexit and elections has left us feeling empty, short of meaningful truths and yet full of anxious rhetoric.
Today’s issues call for a deeper response, collaboration, calm and truths informed by eminent experts with proven experience. There’s simply too much at stake to be guided by fake news, or related marketing-driven fear to buy the latest stuff.
During the last week we have experienced a surge in enquiries: who is doing what and where to get through this crisis? What can I learn from others in different sectors facing the same challenges? How can I avoid making costly mistakes in procuring new technology and setting up new partnerships? Who has done the same as I’m planning to do? 
We have been building this expertise for over 20 years, but our independence in a growing network of expert members is coming into its own during a period when members need us most. What’s striking is how much knowledge there is, but sometimes individuals are too engrossed in the day job to realise that they are doing something a bit different and worthy of sharing. By being part of a collaborative independent network, these insights can prove to be win-win, saving on expensive consultancy fees and allowing for sharing of best practice.
Just this week, the Budget outlined measures to increase HMRC contact centre operations by c2000 to answer enquiries from worried small businesses. Jobseekers will no longer have to present personally, but instead conduct their affairs online or by phone. These changes represent a wider move to a more virtual world, calling for greater sharing of proven expertise and real experience.
CCA has a wealth of experience and real case studies, all honed to educate the market about how to improve customer satisfaction in a virtual world; but one with a greater than ever need for human compassion and understanding. Let’s hope we can look back during the summer months and reflect that what we have learned from this crisis is valuable - not just for change that is needed regardless, but to be better prepared for future shocks which will surely present.
For those of us feeling anxious about the future, I like the simple ancient quote: 
‘This too shall pass’
In the meantime, we’ve created a blend of online and in-person events over the course of the next few months so that we can provide the same service offering as always - get in touch be a part of it!
Have a great weekend,
Anne Marie