Today’s media reports record employment figures and there are now more women working than at any time previously in the UK. Unemployment has fallen by 125,000 to 7.2% which is close to the figure quoted by Mike Carney as his trigger to look at an interest rate rise.  

According to an article in today’s Guardian shorter working hours; which became more prevalent during the downturn, look set to remain a feature of our working lives in a more buoyant economy. So what does all this mean for the future workforce?

One thing is for sure, organisations will need to carefully consider how to attract and retain top talent across all areas of their business, but particularly in customer facing areas where so much change is taking place.  

We had an interesting meeting yesterday with Arise who promote new ways of independent working including from home. Arise is partnering with CCA in an innovative  piece of research to look at the future of the so called ‘Martini agent’; a concept captured at our leadership council last year depicting a scenario where agents become ranked in a fashion similar to trip advisor. Will this make them more valuable and able to command better rewards for specific skills?  

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