COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Latest Updates

We take our role supporting you and your organisation seriously. During these challenging times, our strength and ability in connecting peers to collaborate and learn is proving crucial as we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CCA team will continue to support you over the coming weeks and months working to identify new opportunities and solutions to help make sense of how to best respond and react to rapidly changing advice and instructions.
We have adapted some of our membership activities to be accessible online, whilst keeping an eye on the future when business will return to normal and we continue our drive to offer great customer experiences. We will also continue to look ahead, developing plans to support you and offer as much industry guidance as we can. We've gathered together some useful links here that you may wish to browse in order to keep up to date with the latest information and guidance available.

Latest News From CCA

COVID-19: Week 12 - Views from the CCA Network

Staff are being asked to complete surveys to assess their readiness for a return to the workplace

COVID-19: Week 11 - Views from the CCA Network

The role of the team manager is under the spotlight with spans of control being reviewed as to whether things should change for home-based teams.

COVID-19: Week 10 - Views from the CCA Network

Some organisations are exploring how to best respond to the hurdles encountered around high-risk activities such as financial crime, fraud etc.

COVID-19: Week 9 - Views from the CCA Network

Some members are looking to be more pro-active in guiding customers through their shift to digital, explaining and hand-holding them with the aim of reaping the benefits of this further down the line.

COVID-19: Week 8 - Views from the CCA Network

Organisations have been looking now for some weeks at what a new model of work may look like as operations have begun to settle and as businesses prepare for potential easing of restrictions.

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