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29/05/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Staff are being asked to complete surveys to assess their readiness for a return to the workplace

22/05/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
The role of the team manager is under the spotlight with spans of control being reviewed as to whether things should change for home-based teams.

15/05/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Some organisations are exploring how to best respond to the hurdles encountered around high-risk activities such as financial crime, fraud etc.

07/05/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Some members are looking to be more pro-active in guiding customers through their shift to digital, explaining and hand-holding them with the aim of reaping the benefits of this further down the line.

01/05/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Organisations have been looking now for some weeks at what a new model of work may look like as operations have begun to settle and as businesses prepare for potential easing of restrictions.

24/04/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
​Thinking to the future and the speed at which hybrid models were developed, if we were to begin reversing that approach now, what would the model look like? What plans are being put in place to adapt as measures and approaches will change?

17/04/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
There has been a shift in channels where organisations are encouraging customers via websites and IVR to use digital services rather than call. The success of this is being evidenced by volumes below forecast and a greater uptake on services via Apps and

09/04/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Many people are now working in a very different environment and have been for some weeks. The lack of personal contact and the camaraderie that exists in the contact centre is perhaps a downside for some. Communication is vital.

03/04/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Negative press that some centres or businesses weren’t fully adhering to the guidelines around social distancing in centres has resulted in some MP’s questioning businesses’ response to this and legitimacy to remain open.

27/03/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Much work is ongoing to identify what core business processes really are in this fluid and unprecedented situation, and to focus resources in these areas.

20/03/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
Many frontline agents are experiencing huge anxiety around leave allowances. In response, many businesses are updating and swelling leave policies in order to accommodate agents during the pandemic and cover not only sickness leave but allowances for self

13/03/2020 INDUSTRY NEWS
We take our role supporting you and your organisation seriously. During these challenging times, our strength and ability in connecting peers to collaborate and learn is proving crucial as we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

06/12/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
The most popular questions asked by delegates at CCA Annual Convention 2019

06/09/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
Complaints management can feel like a perennial problem - but moving customers from complaints to advocacy is within our power

06/09/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
More than 60 VIP guests celebrated success in meeting the industry benchmark, CCA Global Standard© in June 2019. Special mention to Student Loans Company who was presented with their Gold Award for achieving accreditation for more 15+ years.

18/06/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
Highways England to collect CCA Global Standard Silver Award recognising 10 years of CCA Accreditation

12/04/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
The Excellence Awards programme for 2019 launched on the 1st March and is supported by an independent panel of judges from across the CCA network. Are you interested in being part of the Awards review process?

31/03/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
The Emerging Leader Award is an exclusive award category for CCA Platinum Members. It seeks to recognise emerging leaders within the organisation that are truly committed to driving transformational change.

31/03/2019 RESEARCH
Here are a few interesting stories that have made the press in recent weeks focusing on health and wellbeing - a quick read when you have a few moments to spare.

06/03/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
Student Loans Company in Darlington hosted the second CCA Industry Council Thought Leadership Forum for 2019. Leaders tackled some of the challenges being faced today around engaging and motivating a changing workforce and shaping our priorities to help s

31/01/2019 INDUSTRY NEWS
David Smith, Economic Editor for The Sunday Times, spoke at a recent CCA Advisory Council to share his views on Brexit, and how organisations can maintain good reputations and retain the trust of their customers in times of fast-paced change and uncertain